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What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is exactly what the name would imply: it is a listing of fans of any given subject; in this particular case the subject is the character Ichiro. Fanlistings are similar to web cliques, the only difference being that everyone is accepted so long as they have a name, a valid email address and live somewhere on this green earth. :)

A fanlisting is not (usually) affiliated with any of the subjects they represent. There is no mailing list, you will not receive prizes or anything for being a member of this fanlisting.


Cast Voice: Morikubo Shoutarou (Japanese), Chris Patton (English)

Ichiro is the most level-headed member of the group. In order to raise money to build their dome he works in a host club. When Hideki and Mako lose their heads with their own greed, it is Ichiro who is affected the most, and Ichiro who finally gets them to remember the promise they made to each other. Ichiro would be considered the "straight man", or serious one in the group, but he is hilarious in his own right - he's completely deadpan. About everything. Being molested by a cross-dressing (male) musician's manager? "Ahh. Ahh." Super excited about something? "Ahh. Ahh." Ichiro is completely enamored by Pandaikon, so much so that he even has a song specifically for the furry little creature that goes something along the lines of "You are so soft and fluffy, I love you," and etc. Ichiro does have one special ability - the ability to make anyone, man, woman, panda, fall in love with him by slapping them. Perhaps not so surprisingly, this comes in handy later in the series and is the reason Mako is in love with him.