Holiday is a fanlisting dedicated to Kanesaki Kentarou, actor and model. He is best known for his role as Sanada Genichirou in Musical Tennis no Oujisama Absolute King Rikkaidai Feat. Rokkaku ~First Service, Dream Live 4th, Absolute King Rikkaidai feat. Rokkaku ~Second Service, and most recently The Progressive Match Higachuu featuring Rikkaidai. Currently he has also released two photobooks (Kokoro and Kokoro x Kokoro Christmas Present from Kanesaki Kentarou) and a DVD (TALKING FACE Herbie Yamaguchi x Kanesaki Kentarou), as well as a CD with Yagami Ren (Best Actors Series 009). He will also be releasing a Men's Series DVD and Photobook in the near future.

The layout features a photo from Kane's Second Service photoset, scanned by Nori. Textures used are from Colorfilter. Designed in Photoshop 7 and coded in Notepad. Code images from the Kokoro photobook were kindly provided by Leah.

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