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What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is exactly what the name would imply: it is a listing of fans of any given subject; in this particular case the subject is the relationship between Hidaka Ken and Tsukiyono Omi from Koyasu Takehito's Weiß Kruez and its sequel Weiß Kreuz Glühen. Fanlistings are similar to web cliques, the only difference being that everyone is accepted so long as they have a name, a valid email address and live somewhere on this green earth. :)

A fanlisting is not (usually) affiliated with any of the subjects they represent. There is no mailing list, you will not receive prizes or anything for being a member of this fanlisting.

About the Fanlisting

This fanlisting is to show your support of Ken & Omi in any way you please, whether it be platonic, romantic, or purely sexual. In the show, the boys seem to be very close friends, being closest together in age.

Note the following descriptions are from Weiß Kreuz ONLY, not Weiß Kreuz Glühen.

About Ken:

Hidaka Ken is a former J-League football (read: Soccer) goalie who was framed by his best friend during a championship game. His water was drugged at half-time and caused him to lose the game. He was then accused of betting on his own games and losing it on purpose, as well as a bunch of other crap that I don't want to spoil if you haven't seen it. Ken is a generally happy looking guy, with a dark side that shows every so often.
His weapons are Bagnuks/Bugnuks (gloves with blades that extend from the knuckles when the hand is clenched into a fist. Think Vega from Street Fighter or Wolverine from X-Men). He tends to run around in goggles, a leather jacket, and a HAZARD ORANGE SWEATSHIRT wrapped around his waist on STEALTH MISSIONS. WTF. Grow a brain, Kenken my dear.
If you actually pay attention, you'll notice that Ken gets dressed in girls clothing more often than Omi ^0^. You'll also notice that Ken is a lot more like his Schwarz counterpart, Farfarello, than one would think. Ken loves soccer, children, flowers, motorcycles, and in my head, Omi. ^____^

Omi is voiced by Seki Tomokazu in the anime. Some Seki's other notable roles include Souma Kyou (Fruits Basket), Yzak Jule (Gundam SEED/Destiny), Ashton Anchors (Star Ocean EX), Shindou Shuichi (Gravitation), Eduard (Meine Liebe/-weider-), Dee Laytner (FAKE), Kinomoto Touya (Card Captor Sakura), Van Fanel (Vision of Escaflowne), and Haru Glory (Groove Adventure RAVE/Rave Master).

About Omi:

Tsukiyono Omi is the youngest and first member of the assassin group, Weiß. After being kidnapped as a young child, he lost most of his memories. He was rescued by his "uncle", and taken in by Kritiker to be trained as an assassin. His real name is Takatori Mamoru, supposedly the son of Takatori Reiji, the man Fujimiya Ran/Aya wants dead for certain reasons, which causes Omi to get stuck between wanting to save his family he doesn't remember and doing his job - the latter of which he'll be killed if he interferes.
Omi's weapons are a crossbow and long bow, poison and tranquilizer throwing darts (in the anime) and small diamond blades (throwing daggers, in the manga). Omi seems to like to compete with Yohji on who can bare the most flesh and still remain street legal, he is usually running around in a shirt and shorts, sometimes a tanktop and shorts. He gets dressed in womens clothing more than once. Poor baby. His Schwarz counterpart that he goes head to head against is Nagi, whom he battles both on the internet and in person.
Omi likes flowers, computers, hacking, other stuff and Ken. :P

Omi is voiced by Yuuki Hiro in the anime. Some of Yuuki's other notable roles include Claude C. Kenni (Star Ocean EX), Arc (Arc The Lad), Marcel (Angelique), Crot Breur (Gundam SEED), Mitsuru Bando (Air Gear), and Michael Lee (Witch Hunter Robin).