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A fanlisting is exactly what the name would imply: it is a listing of fans of any given subject; in this particular case the subject is the character Kuririn/Krillin from the series Dragonball. Fanlistings are similar to web cliques, the only difference being that everyone is accepted so long as they have a name, a valid email address and live somewhere on this green earth. :)

A fanlisting is not (usually) affiliated with any of the subjects they represent. There is no mailing list, you will not receive prizes or anything for being a member of this fanlisting.

Person Man?

The result of asking friends having been in this fandom long enough to remember when the original Particle Man Dragonball AMV came out. Also the result of being very, very fond of They Might Be Giants.

Honestly, I just think it fits Krillin. In the beginning of Dragonball, he was able to keep up with the hero, Goku, with little effort. But as time and the series wore on, Goku continued to surpass him and he eventually became basically useless when compared to Goku, or even Goku's son, Gohan. Krillin knows he can't be a Super Saiyan and that he'll never be stronger than any of them, yet he continues to train and get as strong as he can, even if he knows he won't be of much help in any of the crazy battles these guys fight.


More in-depth info coming soon ♥