Lavender is the AnimeFanlistings approved fanlisting for Ukai Noriko, keyboardist for Nittle Grasper and all around adorable woman in Maki Murakami's anime/manga, Gravitation.

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 Character Group: Nittle Grasper Character: Fujisaki Suguru Character: Sakuma Ryuichi Character: Shindou Shuichi Character: Uesugi (Yuki) Eiri Relationship: Kitazawa Yuki and Uesugi (Yuki) Eiri Relationship: Sakuma Ryuichi and Seguchi Tohma Relationship: Seguchi Tohma and Sakano Relationship: Seguchi Tohma and Seguchi Mika Relationship: Seguchi Tohma and Uesugi (Yuki) Eiri Relationship: Uesugi (Yuki) Eiri & Shindou Shuichi Relationship: Uesugi Tatsuha and Sakuma Ryuichi Song: Predilection Song: The Rage Beat

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