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Moved fanlistings + new layout & codes

Posted Apr 28, 2012. Filed under Musician: Nakagauchi Masataka, Character: Michael Trinity, Items: Gundam Sandrock, Character: Shani Andras.

[ + ] Otsukaremasa!, the fanlisting for the musician and actor Nakagauchi Masataka, has received a much-needed new layout and 21 new image codes.

[+] I’m allowing nadleeh.org to expire in a few days, so the Gundam 00: Michael Trinity, Gundam SEED: Shani Andras, and Gundam Wing: Sandrock Gundam fanlistings have all moved to new homes here on pure-rhythm.

New Fanlisting

Posted Jun 23, 2008. Filed under Items: Gundam Sandrock.

[+] Oasis, the fanlisting for the Gundam Sandrock (and Sandrock Custom) from Gundam Wing is now open! If you’re a fan, please join! I have more stuff in mind for it in the future, including an image gallery that I am (very) slowly working on :)