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New fanlistings!

Posted Sep 27, 2009. Filed under Relationship: Nice Holystone & Jacuzzi Splot, Character: Jacuzzi Splot, Character: Shani Andras.

[+] over the RAINBOW, the fanlisting for the relationship between Baccano!’s Nice Holystone and Jacuzzi Splot is now open! Please join if you’re a fan :)

[+] Crybaby, the fanlisting for Baccano!’s Jacuzzi Splot is now open! Please forgive the super temp lazy layout, I’m working on something better ;;

[+] Collecting Scars, the fanlisting for Kidou Senshin Gundam SEED’s Shani Andras, is now open! A huge thanks goes to Hoshi for adopting it to me!