New fanlistings

Posted Nov 8, 2011. Filed under Actor: Ookawa Genki, Game: Final Fantasy III, Musician: Kibum (Kim Ki Bum).

Or well, a new one and some that are a year old and I apparently never mentioned, oops.

[+] MISTER MAGIC, the fanlisting for Super Junior’s Kibum (Kim Ki Bum) is now open for business! Codes coming soon.

[+] loveANDjoy, the fanlisting for Ookawa Genki has been up since September of last year. Oops.

[+] Children of Light, the fanlisting for the Nintendo DS game Final Fantasy III has been open since October of last year. Oops.

Time to start crossing some things off my wishlist!

New codes

Posted Nov 6, 2011. Filed under Series: Fairy Cube.

[+] Waxen Wings, the fanlisting for Kaori Yuki’s Yousei Hyouhon (Fairy Cube) has received 29 new codes. Thank you so much for donating, Jessica!

New, closed, adopted fanlistings, and stuff

Posted Jul 22, 2010. Filed under Song: Super Junior: Chageun Chageun (Way for Love), Song: Super Junior: Twins (Knock Out), Album: Super Junior: Super Junior '05, Book: My Friend Flicka, Film: Four Rooms, Character: Mizuki Hajime, Series: RH Plus, Series: BECK, Airship: The Lunar Whale, Character: Sanada Genichirou, Series: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen, Job Class: Onion Knights, Relationship: Sanada Genichirou & Yanagi Renji.

Lots to go! (because I haven’t updated this thing in forever).

Closed Fanlistings

For all closed fanlistings, I have kept the member lists. If you open any of these fanlistings and would like to have the old member list, please let me know!

[-] O’hara, Mary: My Friend Flicka (Literature)
[-] Four Rooms (Film)
[-] Super Junior: Chageun Chageun (Way For Love)
[-] Super Junior: Twins (KNOCK OUT)
[-] Super Junior: Super Junior 05

Adopted Fanlistings

These fanlistings all have new owners! Please update your links :) I also have a large number of fanlistings Up for adoption

[-] Tennis no Oujisama: Mizuki Hajime
[-] Series: RH Plus
[-] Gravitation: Nittle Grasper

New Fanlistings

[+] Tennis no Oujisama: Sanada Genichirou
[+] Tennis no Oujisama: Sanada Genichirou & Yanagi Renji
[+] Series: BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
[+] Series: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen
[+] Final Fantasy IV: The Lunar Whale (Airship)
[+] Final Fantasy: Onion Knights (Job Class)

New Media!

Posted Nov 9, 2009. Filed under Character: Yamucha (Yamcha).

[+] Kung Pao! has finally gotten a much-needed update to its media section, featuring scans, screencaps, icons, music, and wallpapers!

Jo and I are slowly working on getting some real Yamcha-centric content soon, so please keep an eye out!

New fanlistings!

Posted Sep 27, 2009. Filed under Relationship: Nice Holystone & Jacuzzi Splot, Character: Jacuzzi Splot, Character: Shani Andras.

[+] over the RAINBOW, the fanlisting for the relationship between Baccano!’s Nice Holystone and Jacuzzi Splot is now open! Please join if you’re a fan :)

[+] Crybaby, the fanlisting for Baccano!’s Jacuzzi Splot is now open! Please forgive the super temp lazy layout, I’m working on something better ;;

[+] Collecting Scars, the fanlisting for Kidou Senshin Gundam SEED’s Shani Andras, is now open! A huge thanks goes to Hoshi for adopting it to me!