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New Fls & New layout!

Posted Apr 11, 2008. Filed under Collective Updates, Affiliates, Series: Fairy Cube, Series: Psycho Knocker, Series: 0 no Soukoushi.

[+] Waxen Wings, the fanlisting for Yousei Hyouhon (Fairy Cube), is now open! Please join if you’re a fan!
[+] A Picture’s Worth . . ., the fanlisting for Psycho Knocker, is now open! Please join if you’re a fan!
[+] Slightly Scented, the fanlisting for 0 no Soukoushi (Parfum Extrait “0″), is now open!

[=] Pure Rhythm has an (obviously) new layout! The current layout features the lovely Lucy from the most excellent Elfen Lied. Er. I originally made this layout months ago to use on, but I never got around to actually coding it XD; Yes, the stylesheet is almost identical to that of the Psycho Knocker fanlisting’s. XD It worked so well with this layout, I couldn’t help myself~

Layout should work in most browsers, preferably with a 1024×768 resolution or higher. Has been tested in Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows XP, and Firefox and Safari on Mac OSX 10.4. Safari is the only one that has issues with it, but they’re nothing but minor aesthetic differences.

[x] Pure Rhythm has a new affiliate! Welcome, Rosie!