Please read them, love them, worship them.

1. You must be a fan of Sakaeguchi Yuuto.
2. You MUST provide a name, a WORKING email address, and the country you're from. Otherwise I can't add you. Also, please refrain from using names like "Yuuto's Gurl", "Mrs. Sakaeguchi", or anything with numbers/special characters (ie; ~*~Sarah~*~ or MissBunny823738463). Because you are not and you WILL be renamed to 'Some Fan' if I can't make a decent name out of your email address.
3. If you have a website, please use one of the graphic links or a text link back to the listing. You may also make your own graphic or text link. If you do, you may choose to donate it to the fanlisting via the code page.
4. If any of your information changes, (name, email, website url, country, whatever), please use the update form and let me know so I can update the page accordingly.
5. And I probably should stress this. If you have a site that has adult content on it (Yaoi fanfiction, etc), please, Please, PLEASE make sure everything is marked properly. If you do and have no warnings, your site will not be linked on the members page. If you give me a Myspace, forum, MSN spaces or other such link, your link will not be added. If I can't find the link back to the fanlisting within two minutes, your link will not be added. Thanks.