What this is all about. It's a Fanlisting for Farfarello, also known as Jei (episode... 18?),
the psychotic, sadistic, masochistic, god-hating and pretty much just nutcase of Schwarz.

There was a time when our dear boy was very religious, and loved God, until he found out
a who his real mother was, and ended up killing his family without realizing it. He then killed
his real mother years later.

Why does Farfarello kill? He kills to hurt God. He inflicts serious wounds on his own body
to make God cry.

Then name, 'Farfarello', is actually the name of one of Dante's Demons. I guess it fits him.
Not like any rabid Farfie fan didn't already know all of that jazz up there, but hey I'm bored
and have nothing better to do. so NYA.