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So what's this whole shebang about?! Well, A) I'm a rabid Weiß yaoi fan. Nagi and Omi is one of my favorite pairings. So... deliciously... juvenile, and B) I wanna know how many people around the world share my passion ^___^

You don't have to love Nagi and Omi as a sexual relationship, it can be a purely platonic relationship. I just choose the former :)

Short Histories and Stats:

If I am mistaken on any of this, or see that I am unsure and you know the answer, feel free to email and correct me ^_^;

Tsukiyono Omi - Given Name: Takatori Mamoru>
Age: 17 (in Weiß Kreuz, unsure in Glühen.)
Birthday: 02.29
Height: ~5'4
Eye Color: They change through the series' and ova. Blue, Greenish and Brown
Hair Color: Also changes through the series' and ova. Weiß: Brown, OVA: Dirty Blonde, Glühen: A nasty greyish color ._.
Codename: Bombay
Image Flower: Freesia
Member of: Weiß
Weapon: Crossbow & Poison/Tranquilizer Darts (Weiß Kreuz), Long Bow, Crossbow & Throwing Knives (Weiß, An Assassin and White Shaman)

Omi is a fairly hyper kid, and cares deeply about his friends (Weiß) He has a very sweet nature, always willing to help even if he is having troubles of his own. As the youngest member of Weiß, he constantly gets teased by Yohji about underaged girls and surfing for porn on the internet. He was kidnapped as a child, and saved by Persia because his father wouldn't pay the ransom. He has no memories from before he joined Weiß. He was informed that he was the son of Takatori Reiji, a corrupt politician, one of Weiß's targets, and the father of his 'girlfriend' (whom is really his sister), Ouka. But we find out later that his real father is Takatori Shuichi (aka Persia). Omi sadly never finds out who his real father is, as he dies at the hands of Reiji. He goes on believing that Persia is his uncle. Some angst, crying Omi, snuggles, and killing ensues. In Glühen, Omi takes over as Persia, not fighting with Weiß until the last 3 or 4 episodes. He enlists the help of Nagi to keep an eye on things an Esstet lab in Germany. Throughout Glühen, Omi goes by the name Takatori Mamoru, telling the other members of Weiß in episode 10, right before his final mission, that he wants to "Kill off the incapable flower shop attendant Tsukiyono Omi, and live as Takatori Mamoru" .. or something to that effect. The end. And yes I do realize I suck at doing bios :) More about Omi at this LOVELY OMI SHRINE.

Naoe Nagi -
Age: 15 (Weiß Kreuz, unsure about Glühen)
Birthday: ??
Height: ~5'2-5'3
Eye Color: Midnight Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Code Name: Prodigy
Image Flower: ??
Group: Schwarz, Weiß's rival assassin group.
Weapon: N/A
Special Ability: Telekinesis (or Psychokinesis)

Nagi has a cool and collected demeanor, his face never showing much emotion. He is quiet and mysterious, and has increadible telekinetic powers that get extremely unstable and dangerous when he's scared or furious. Nagi killed his parents with his powers around the age of 5, and lived in a church orphanage until Brad picked him up. However, while in the orphanage, Nagi meets Ken, who was visiting a friend, and invites the older boy to play a game of soccer. Some angst ensues, some people trading, some more angst, people die, the end. More about Nagi at this LOVELY NAGI SHRINE.