Slapping means "I love you"

Pandaphilia is the approved fanlisting for the character Ichiro from the deliciously musical anime Oroshitate Musical Nerima Daikon Brothers. If you're a fan of this deadpan dude, feel free to join!


Pandaphilia is home to 3 Ichiro fans from 2 countries since 23 August 2008. It currently averages 0 new fans per day and was last updated on 20th August 2021. There are currently 0 fans waiting to be added to the list.

Please welcome our newest fan(s), Nina Ren!

Pandaphilia is proudly powered by Enthusiast, and is listed in TAFL's Characters: N-Z category.

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The current layout features a scan from the DVD thinpack (volume 3), scanned by Nori. Layout created in Photoshop 7 & Notepad.