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Bloodflower is the fanlisting for the relationship between Hidaka Ken and Tsukiyono Omi from Weiß Kreuz. This fanlisting is meant to bring together fans of these two boys, whether simply as friends, or as something more.


Bloodflower is home to 203 Ken/Omi fans from 29 countries since 29 May 2003. It currently averages 0.03 new fans per day and was last updated on 03rd January 2023. There are currently 0 fans waiting to be added to the list.

Please welcome our newest fan(s), Emily!

Bloodflower is proudly powered by Enthusiast, and is listed in TAFL's Relationships category.

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The current layout features various scans from the Weiß Kreuz manga An Assasin and White Shaman. Images were scanned by Nori. The textures used on the layout were created by Nori and Masterjinn. The layout was created in Adobe Photoshop 7, and coded in Notepad. CSS shamelessly swiped from the Kamio Akira fanlisting. What? I'm allowed to steal my own CSS. D:

Revamp done as part of the Fanlisting Revamp Layout Marathon.