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The most recent non-member related updates.

New Fanlisting, New layout, & New codes

Posted Jun 14, 2008. Filed under Character: Ibu Shinji, Character: Naoe Nagi, Song: CAN SEE THE LIGHT.

[+] HEARTBEAT, the fanlisting for Ibu Shinji’s image song CAN SEE THE LIGHT, is now open! Please join if you’re a fan :)

[=] Staccato, the Ibu Shinji fanlisting, has received 6 new link codes.

[=] Dark Innocence, the Naoe Nagi fanlisting, has received a much-needed new layout and 6 new link codes.

New home!

Posted Jan 23, 2008. Filed under Collective Updates, Character: Ukai Noriko, Character: Satou Shigeki, Character: Mizuno Tatsuya, Character: Farfarello (Jei), Character: Tsukiyono Omi (Takatori Mamoru), Character: Naoe Nagi, Series: Whistle!, Characters: Nittle Grasper, Characters: Yamabuki Chuu Tennis Club, Characters: Jyousei Shounan Gakuen Tennis Club, Relationship: Hidaka Ken & Tsukiyono Omi, Relationship: Naoe Nagi & Tsukiyono Omi, Relationship: Momoshiro Takeshi & Kaidou Kaoru, Relationship: Sanada, Kaku, & Wakana, Relationship: Kurobane Harukaze & Amane Hikaru, Actor: Kanesaki Kentarou.

False Advertising is now Pure Rhythm, hosted here at Not everything has been moved over here yet, but the following fanlistings are new or or have recently moved over to this domain.

Actor: Kanesaki Kentarou

Tennis no Oujisama:
Momoshiro Takeshi & Kaidou Kaoru
Kurobane Harukaze & Amane Hikaru
Yamabuki Chuu Tennis Club
Jyousei Shounan Gakuen Tennis Club

Series: Whistle!
Sanada Kazuma, Kaku Eishi & Wakana Yuhto
Satou Shigeki
Mizuno Tatsuya

Ukai Noriko
Nittle Grasper

Weiss Kreuz:
Tsukiyono Omi (Takatori Mamoru)
Naoe Nagi
Farfarello (Jei)
Hidaka Ken & Tsukiyono Omi
Naoe Nagi & Tsukiyono Omi