Character: Hasumi Ian  OVA: Angel Sanctuary  Relationship: Mudou Setsuna & Mudou Sara  Series: 0 no Soukoushi  Series: Ayashi no Ceres  Series: Black Blood Brothers  Series: Blood+ Yakou Joushi  Series: Cafe Kichijouji de  Series: Darker Than Black  Series: El Hazard  Series: Fairy Cube  Series: Family Complex  Series: Hakushaku Cain (Count Cain)  Series: Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Combat Butler)  Series: Kamichu (Teenage Goddess)  Series: Love Attack  Series: Monochrome Factor  Series: Oroshitate Musical Nerima Daikon Brothers  Series: Please Save My Earth  Series: Shuffle!  Series: Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis)  Series: Vandread  Series: Whistle! 

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